About Us

Our business pillars involve direct investments into emerging countries covering the following sectors Agriculture, Oil and gas, real estate and others. We are specialists in brokering international deals between emerging and developed countries.

Our team brings together experts from the following sectors, Investments bankers, , senior international civil servants, experts in geopolitics, in country experts .


makes numerous multi-faceted investments across multiple
sectors per annum.
Investment can include consultancy based contracts, focused on training and the
provision of subject matter experts
Technology project launches including start ups with end to end architecture
Temporary resource outsourcing and on boarding of staff, or short and long term
financial assistance

Agricultural Commodities

We offer a fully fledged outsourcing service to agricultural commodity producers on
the African continent.
Services encompass the purchasing, processing, testing and inspection of raw product.
Services incorporates the logisical process design
Execution of product distribution, utilising cross border expertise, specialist logistics for
perishable goods
Government liaisons and regulatory controls.

Mergers and Aquisitions

Our aims to acquire or partner with firms with interest in technology, FMCG or agricultural sectors.Biometrics in banking, border control and Social BenefitsvTelecoms and Cellular Market


Our technology arm primarily focuses on the creation and development of an end to end platform to enhance the supply chain medium and large enterprises. A robust financial back bone and customisable reporting suite supports the products.


Structuring of deal funding upfront in order to make bids competitive and use funding as a negotiation leverage. Intermediation with financial institutions

3PL Services

service offerings incorporate a wide scope of logistical services expertise and are primarily focused on the African continent


A leading provider of modern health care services and products in Africa. We provide and end to end turn key solution for advanced medical clinics.

Client's and References

Some of projects include the following:
Acquisition of three industrial companies in Ivory Coast
Sale of on shore and off-shore oil concessions in Mauritania
Financial restructuring and fund raising in Mali
Negotiation of a Joint-Venture in Iran
Biometric ID card in Vietnam
Biometric ID card Ivory Coast
Hanoi Métro Project in Vietnam

Our client track record includes:
Alstom, Areva, Bertin Technologies, Bouygues, Casino, Carlotassara,Cegelec, Coteba, Euris, Evialis , Groupe NGE GL Events, Kayson, Millenium Bank, Maia Sonnier, Safran, Sagem, Thales, Veolia , VinaCapita.